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Dealing with Difficult Conversations

We all have that inner voice that tells us when we need to have a difficult conversation with someone, a conversation that, if took place, would improve life at the office for ourselves and for everyone else on our team. But fear drowns that inner voice – and we put the conversation off. Meanwhile the offending individual continues to provide substandard performance, misses deadlines, engages in interpersonal conflicts and exhibit toxic behaviour.

What this course will offer is a chance to understand our own ‘difficult behaviours’, including typical behaviours of others that we have in ourselves. We will explore others and how understanding them will bring about ideas and strategies for handling difficult behaviour. The course is designed to look at our listening to improve our awareness of others.

Who should sign up?

Anyone who manages people and wants to learn how to deal with conflict by having difficult conversations. Understand what we mean by ‘difficult behaviour’ and developing effective ways of handling it with greater confidence.

What will I get out of it?

  • Recognising that people arent intrinsically 'difficult' bnut some of their behaviours can make managing them difficult.
  • Develop Effective ways of handling difficult behaviour with greater confidence by drawing on your knowledge, skill and experience.
  • Establish the intention of a conversation
  • Manage their body language
  • Speak persuasively 
  • Ask the right questions at the right time
  • Establish the purpose of a difficult conversation
  • Use your communication skills to influence and control
  • Stay in control of the conversation throughout

What does it cover?

  • Definition of assertiveness
  • Different behaviours - passive, aggressive, manipulative, assertive
  • The rights and responsibilities of the assertive person
  • Techniques to improve ones assertiveness
  • Self-esteem and confidence