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Meet the Team

Behind every company is a dedicated team of talented individuals. Meet the people behind Personal Power UK

Will Daniel-Braham

Trainer, Leadership Coach, Therapist & Master NLP Practitionera​

Hi, I'm Will I am a Leadership and Management Specialist, a Psychotherapist, an NLP Master Practitioner and a Training and Development Consultant. I have been working in the field of Personal Development & Leadership and Management for over 25 years and worked with around 30,000 people.

I have run Leadership Training Courses and Coached people from as wide a range as Students to CEO's and many teams and individuals in between. I've had the privilege to work in different countries around the world including Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Bermuda and parts of the USA such as Cleveland, Atlanta, Seattle, Philadelphia and Cincinnati.

I've also been featured on television with two shows to my name: Ballet Changed My Life: Ballet Hoo! on Channel 4 and Too Busy To Live on Channel 5. I really look forward to us crossing paths either for the first time or a warm welcome back to old friends.

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